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Running The Celtic Crossing has become a real test of nerves with Mother Nature and the Evil God of Safety boats. 2 weeks before the event, due to a number of mechanical failures and a wedding, there was only 3 safety boats left out of the original 8 who had signed up for the 2017 Crossing. And Mother nature was teasing us with a possible South Westerly blow that could put paid to getting the safety boats (the ones we had left) to the Scillies at all!

I will leave Glenn to tell the story another day but after 2 weeks of weather watching and asking every boat owner we know, we had a full compliment of safety boats and a weather window that would allow us to get to the Scillies in time for a Sunday crossing.

 And it went something like this…

It was a tough crossing, the promised 10 – 16knt South Westerly wind never made an appearance, instead we had a North Westerly that meant we had to exit the Scillies higher up than normal, past St Martins.

With the wind coming out of the Northerly quarter and the swell flattening off, the paddlers had no assistance from the elements, at all and just had to get their heads down and paddle. On the upside the weather was absolutely fantastic, glorious sunshine and crystal clear skies, azure blue seas and the best visibility we have ever had.

The 2018 Results

Helluva finish to what can only be described as a full on adventure from start to finish. Slow conditions this year with a northerly pushing us south for the 1st couple of hours big swell swinging in from the west and winds dropping for a hard grind into Sennen.

Double ski
Jimmy Hughes & Steve King
5hrs 38min

PJ Simmons
6hrs 49min

Marie Buchanan
7hrs 34min

Gareth Edwards
7hrs 40min

Jack Stevenson
7hrs 57min

That’s a lot of paddling! Keep posted for exciting new developments for 2019. A massive thank you to SafeTrx who helped us keep our paddlers and escort crews safe out in some hefty conditions.

Well done gang.


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