The Crossing

Between the Isles of Scilly, an archipelago situated 50km south west off Lands End lies some of the most dangerous and busiest stretches of ocean in the world… On the 17th May 2014 a band of elite Watermen will attempt to set five records for the fastest man powered crossings between the Scilly’s and Sennen Beach on UK main land. The treacherous currents and sudden changes in weather that occur across this stretch of water, coupled with the fact they will be crossing one of Europe’s crammed shipping lanes will make this one of the most daring open ocean races in the world and the only race between land masses in Europe.

The intention is to set the challengers off at staggered intervals so that they arrive at Sennen at the same time – in total six hours of paddling! We are going to have a flotilla of water safety craft who will also act as media chaperones to allow us to glean as much footage and medial coverage of the attempt as possible. We will be hosting our own website linked to Twitter and Facebook – allowing a constant flow of media updates and real time tracking.

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